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Joe Santos Garcia
Joe Santos Garcia

Hi my name is Joe Santos Garcia a web developer based out of NYC. I've worked on projects for major companies. I have a successful youtube channel with over 50,000 subscribers who love my tutorials and over 50,000 students world wide in multiple platforms. My goal is to get all my students and subscribers to level of being hired as a developer.

It's time to earn the income you deserve!

The average developer makes $84,000 dollars a year!

No Degree Required!

let's answer all the questions you probably have right now.

How do I learn to code and become a developer?

To become a developer you need to learn the fundamentals of the web, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and at least one backend language like Python or PHP. Then you need to build at least 4 solid projects for your portfolio so when you apply to jobs you can stand out from the rest.

Why should I sign up with codingphase?

We focus on real world projects to make sure you have a portfolio that can get you hired ASAP

Step by step road map to guide you to become a developer

We teach the skills that are in demand

How many courses do I get?

Over 40 courses literally everything employers ask for

How long will it take me to learn everything?

It depends on how many hours you do per day. We've had students find Jobs in 2 months after starting to code

Look at some of our students that learned to code and got hired

What companies have hired students from CodingPhase?


What's the difference between going to a coding bootcamp and CodingPhase?

Most bootcamps teach only one stack and usually it's either with ruby on rails or Node Js. At CodingPhase we teach you all the different stacks so no matter where you live or where you go you will have the biggest chance on landing a job. Also bootcamps charge more than $14,000 dollars for the same education that we teach you here for less than $20.

All Courses included with this membership

  1. Advance CSS with Flexbox and CSS Grid
  2. All Installations You will Need For Web Development
  3. Build a Restaurant Web App
  4. Build any site into a Wordpress Theme
  5. Build Your Web Developer Portfolio
  6. Crystal Lang Programming Language Master Course
  7. CSS Animation for Developers
  8. CSS Frameworks Ultimate Course
  9. Debugging Like A Pro
  10. E-commerce Site with Node Course
  11. ESNEXT - ES6, ES7, ES8
  12. Future-Proof Javascript
  13. Git Like A Pro!
  14. Gulp - Web Developer Starter Kit
  15. How to deploy your site
  16. How Web Developers Make Passive Income with React JS?
  17. HTML Email Frameworks
  18. Javascript Framework Hyperapp JS - Restaurant Course
  19. JQuery - A Beginners Best Friend
  20. Learn HTML and CSS by Building a Cool Social Network
  21. Learn Mysql with Node JS
  22. Learn ParcelJS - Web Application Bundler Master Course
  23. Learn PHP 7 and Laravel Master course
  24. Learn Polymer 3 Course - Code Like A Google Developer
  25. Learn React by Building a Craigslist Clone
  26. Learn Ruby - Backend Developer Master Course
  27. Lets Build a Instagram Clone
  28. Lets Build a Netflix Clone
  29. Node - Javascript Fullstack Developer Bootcamp
  30. Node and NPM Basics
  31. Node JS Learn and Build Your Portfolio Course
  32. Object Oriented Programming with Javascript Course
  33. Phaser 3 -Ultimate Course Make Games with Javascript
  34. PUG JS - Template Engine
  35. Python3 - Bootcamp Course
  36. React - Quick and Easy
  37. React JS - Til Infinity Course
  38. React Native - Mobile Applications With Javascript
  39. Redux The Easy Way Course
  40. Responsive HTML Emails Course
  41. Ruby On Rails
  42. SASS Like a Pro Course
  43. Svelte - Front End Framework
  44. Terminal For Developers
  45. Text Editors
  46. Upgrade to Yearly Plan Get Exclusive Content
  47. Vagrant - Portable Development Environment Course
  48. Web Developer Personal Brand and Portfolio

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